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APS geweer Beretta Px4 Storm 9x19
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Infinity parcourgun standaardklasse

SVI Infinity parcourgun standaardklasse kaliber 40 Smith and Wesson

Pistol 2011, SVI Infinity, 5 inch barrel,long dust cover,Infinity sights, steel blued,interchangeable breechface, three sided topwith serrations, front and rear slide cut, ITS Try Glide system,

  • Grip, Large Small, Stainless Steel, silver (mp/sKATER), add on
  • Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Mainspring Housing in steel
  • Mag Well 2011 Steel Blued
  • Stainless Steel Option
  • Hybrid Barrel and Slide Option
  • Hammeer XXX otion
  • Sight, Front Fiber Optic, red or Green
  • Stainless Steel option
  • Magrelease Extention Button
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