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Colt Government 1911
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Infinity open klasse pistool

SVI Infinity race gun met titanium compensator .

Pistol 2011, SVI Infinity, 5 inch IMM Open with Titanium Compensator, AET Hybrid Barrel, standard Dust Cover with threaded holes for C-More, blued steel, interchangeable breechface, three sided top with serrations, rear slide cut, ITS Try Glide system, Hammer with XX option, aluminium scope mount, C-More Scope, one magazine, steel grip with under cut, steel mainspring housing, steel mag well, extended mag release button.

  • Mobius Cut Grip
  • Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Mainspring Housing in steel
  • Mag Well 2011
  • Trigger insert Blue, Red, Black
  • Blanchi Dust Cover (extra wide)
  • Inficoat
  • Radial Flutes at side top
  • Slide Racker Cut + Slide Racker
  • Rear slide lightening
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